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Viral threats with high unmet medical need

The world is facing many health challenges. A major one is the plethora of existing and emerging viral infectious diseases. Dengue is a continuing viral threat with almost 390 million annual infections. The Zika epidemic in 2015-2016 shocked the world with Zika-associated microencephaly in new-born babies. In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic makes an even greater impact on the world in terms of public health and economics. Currently there is no therapeutic nor prophylactic treatment against these viral diseases. Our technology makes innovative compounds available for development into novel drugs to treat these diseases.

Block Viral Replication

Viral replication after infection of host cells is mediated by a virally encoded protease. Protinhi’s innovative compounds are inhibitory small molecules which block the protease, and consequentially also the mediated viral replication. The ability to block viral replication empowers our small molecules to be drug candidates not only for therapeutic treatment but also for prophylactic use.

Broad Spectrum Antivirals

Dengue, Zika and West-Nile virus belong to the family of Flaviviridae and infect hosts via the same mechanism. The catalytic core of the protease is identical for different flaviviruses. Similarly, proteases of the Coronaviridae family, which comprises MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2, play a vital role in virus replication and are highly conserved. By targeting essential proteases for infection, our proprietary compounds have high potential as broad-spectrum antivirals.

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