About Protinhi Therapeutics

Protinhi Therapeutics develops novel drugs acting as protease inhibitors to treat a wide range of illnesses. Currently we focus on viral infectious diseases, including dengue fever, Zika, West Nile virus, Chikungunya and Corona virus. Our aim is to make those available as new medication for patients in need of effective treatment.

Management Team


Bernd van Buuren

Co-Founder and CEO

Bernd possesses more than 25 years experiences in Chemistry and Life Sciences. He is a post- doc-level biophysical chemist by training, and he started his Life Science industrial career in Unilever and was a.i. group lead cheminformatics and member of Unilever’s Open Innovation leadership team. Prior to co-founding Protinhi Therapeutics, he was senior business development manager in several organizations. He has broad managing experience from various organization such as, the executive board of the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, the non executive board of Quantib and Unilever. He has extensive experiences in innovation management, company formation and business development. Bernd co-founded Protinhi in 2013 and became CEO at the start of Protinhi’s operati onal activities in 2016. In his leisure time, Bernd likes to cycle and coaches his son’s football team.

daniel gironez-2

Daniel Gironés


Daniel has over 24 years of experience in drug discovery and life sciences in academia and industry. He had a postdoctoral position at N.V. Organon and Schering Plough. He then worked at Lead Pharma as group leader in medicinal chemistry and in 2016 he joined Protinhi where he became the CSO. Daniel has extensive experience in scientific management, including coordination of multiple disciplines, such as medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, pharmacology and molecular modeling. He has worked on targets related to cancer, immunology, heart failure and infectious diseases. Reading fun scientific and historical facts is his favorite hobby.


Rik van den Berg


Rik is an economist by training and started his career at ING Bank. He is current CFO and shareholder to multiple life science s and med tech companies. He is a highly experienced entrepreneur, who understands and has a passion for restructuring and growing companies from start up to SMEs. Rik brings a strong background in banking, finance, investment and fundraising as well as extensive experience as a board level manag er at several companies in The Netherlands over the past two decades. He joined Protinhi Therapeutics as CFO in 2018. He likes cycling, good food and classic cars.


Ronald van der Geest


Ronald holds PhD degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences and is experienced in clinical pharmacology and drug delivery. He started his industrial career at Johnson & Johnson to manage its clinical pharmacology, and later joined in Tibotec to lead the developm ent of several HIV treatment s , including Prezista® . Ronald is also an experienced entrepreneur and co founded a CRO business in 2004. Prior to his on board for Protinhi Therapeutics in 2018, he co founded 3D PharmXchange and supporting early start up compa nies multidisciplinary advices, including fund raising, drug development and corporate strategy.